LWA Conduct Agreement

 At Leeds Women’s Aid (LWA), our behaviours support our
purpose and create our culture, which in turn drives innovation
and growth.

Below is information that all LWA staff have contributed and agreed to regarding our conduct. Before applying to be a trustee, please read below and download the conduct agreement document for full details. 

Why do we do what we do?

Because we believe:

  • All women & children should live in safety, free from abuse & fear
  • Every woman & child has a voice & should be empowered, inspired & listened to
  • Women centred support is powerful & improves the lives of women, men & children

How we do this is driven by our values:

Our “Values” reflect our organisation’s views; they are the principles, standards & qualities that tell
the story about the way in which we conduct our work.

    Our Values:


    Be Exceptional

    • We are experts in our field & proud of having a women-centred approach.

    • We are pioneers & leaders, striving to perform & innovate.


    Be Courageous

    • We are honest, inventive & have the integrity to challenge perceptions & practice.

    • We are encouraging & empowering of each other to be courageous & brave.


    Be Responsive

    • We are collaborative, aware, compassionate & sensitive.

    • We adapt our approach to meet changing needs.


    Be Inclusive

    • We are diverse, welcoming, approachable & inclusive in our approach as employers, service providers & people.

    • We promote unity, fairness & respect.


    Be Inspirational

    • We are proud of our creativity & how we motivate, listen, empower & support each other.

    • We are encouraging & lead by example to achieve the best.

    The Behaviours that create our Culture

    Our “Culture” is a set of basic assumptions that we all share, these are ‘norms’ that control the way people interact with each other and others or put in a different way, “the way we do things here”. These behaviours apply to everyone, irrespective of position or seniority. Structural hierarchy represents the division of work and skills, not the division of people.

    We not only agree to uphold professional ethical standards but will go further in our commitment to hold ourselves accountable to maintaining behaviours that seek to create safe and respectful culture, which help to prevent incidences of workplace bullying.

    Our key principles are:

    • Challenge and support each other to be exceptional by being curious about different ways of doing things, thinking beyond our roles, and embracing learning and development in all its forms.
    • Be courageous enough to demonstrate humility and vulnerability, and to approach failure with curiosity rather than criticism.
    • We welcome, accept and include everyone based on inherent worth and value, enabling divergent thinking in an inclusive environment.
    • We believe that everyone has the potential to be inspirational both in what they do, and the way they do it.
    • Through our compassionate lens, we find solutions by being responsive, agile and adaptable.


    To support these principles, we:

    • model behaviours with integrity, both inside and outside of work, ensuring that our behaviours match our values at all times
    • all take responsibility for our own behaviours
    • take time to be curious and learn about each other, our authentic selves. We are more than our work
    • share our workstyle and communication preferences
    • recognise the power of divergent thinking
    • share our roles, our capabilities, our mistakes, our successes and learn from each other
    • engage fully and mindfully with our colleagues
    • are courageous enough to demonstrate humility and vulnerability when needed
    • commit to being willing to challenge behaviours that do not meet these standards
    • trust that people have the power to change
    • are willing to hold people accountable when they do not support these principles and behaviours

    For  more details and examples on how we intend to put these principles into practice, please download the full conduct agreement below. 

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