Group Support

Our Staying Safe Programme is a 10 week course is for women affected by Domestic Violence & Abuse (DV & A). Women are welcome to attend if they are currently going through abuse from a partner or ex-partner, or if this is something they have been through in the past.

The Staying Safe Programme is designed so that women can support one another to understand DV & A , how it happens and how to become safe. It can be very useful for women who are worried about getting into another abusive relationship in the future as we look at the first signs that a new partner may be abusive.

We also look at how abuse affects children and parenting, share skills for dealing with the emotional effects of a controlling relationship, and releasing feelings of guilt and blame. Throughout the course we work on building confidence, healthy boundaries and safe ways to be assertive.

Please call our helpline 0113 246 0401 to sign up or to get more information. Agencies should also refer via this number.

“Thank you for helping me understand that DV wasn’t the victims fault and that it is a choice not because of me. Thanks for helping me work on how to move on from it and understand new boundaries”

“Thank you very much for everything you’ve done and making me feel better in myself. You are amazing people”

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