Mobile Phone Safety

Only give your phone number to friends/family/people that you trust. Keep your phone with you at all times, don’t let anyone else use it. It can only take a matter of seconds for someone to install software or an app which could track your location.


Set up a security code or PIN on your phone to stop anyone else using it. Choose a random PIN, rather than using a birthday or other date which could be easily guessed. Don’t share your PIN with anyone else.

Location services

Disable any location services on your phone that someone could use to track where you are. Also turn off any location service within apps you may have on your phone, such as Twitter or Facebook. 
Location services can.

Change your phone number

If you are getting malicious or harassing phone calls, consider changing your mobile phone number. This can be done by contacting your mobile phone provider. Some handsets allow for incoming calls from specific numbers to be blocked – check your handbook, or with your provider.

Tracking/spyware software

It can take only a couple of minutes for someone to install spyware on to a mobile phone. Once installed, it is hidden on the phone, but will send details of calls/text/emails, the phone’s location and other information via the internet to the person who installed the tracking software.

For more information about staying safe on your mobile phone, see the Digital Trust website :

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