About Leeds Women’s Aid

Leeds Women’s Aid (LWA) is an independent charity, formed in 1972, providing services to women and children affected by Domestic Violence & Abuse (DV & A). We provide a range of the very best services for vulnerable women and families who are victims and survivors of: domestic, sexual & honour based violence and abuse; forced marriage; trafficking; stalking and harassment. 

Our services include

Emergency refuge accommodation which consists of practical and therapeutic support for adults and children; community services which includes 24/7 telephone helpline; webchat; drop-in services; healthy relationship programmes; Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVAs); sanctuary support working with women experiencing complex needs; community development and support and interventions for children and young people.

LWA is now the largest women’s charitable organisation in Leeds. We also act as the lead agency for the following two consortiums: Leeds Domestic Violence Service (LDVS) contracted by the local authority to provide all community and accommodation-based support for families and individuals affected by DV & A and the Big Lottery funded Women’s Lives Leeds (WLL) project. See below for more information on these projects.

Who we help

Any person can experience DV & A regardless of gender, race, ethnic or religious group, sexuality, class, ability, lifestyle or other identity.
DV & A can include physical, sexual and/or Honour Based Violence, as well as emotional, psychological, financial abuse, stalking, controlling and coercive behaviour and Forced Marriage. LWA supports women and children predominantly from Leeds and the Yorkshire and Humber region, but also often works with women from across the UK when safety issues arise.

In leading the LDVS contract, LWA also offers services to men and the trans community by training and leading services in supporting and reducing barriers to support for LGBT+ people.

Services as Lead Partner in Consortia

Leeds Domestic Violence Service (LDVS)

LDVS is a partnership of 3 specialist organisations in Leeds who have almost 100 years of experience delivering exceptional services. LDVS delivers flexible, proactive and high quality services through the local authority commissioned accommodation and community based DV & A support. LWA is the Lead Partner and contract holder, delivering many of the services, including:

Access & Assessment Team which manage the 24/7 helpline which is used by both the public and professionals.

Drop-in Service which runs regular discreet drop-in services across the city for women who are experiencing or are at risk of DV & A.

Independent Domestic Violence Advocates Team (IDVA) who undertake immediate crisis work and give safety advice, working with high risk victims to offer a range of practical and legal remedies in order to reduce the risk they face.

Emergency accommodation and refuge for families which provides a safe environment to live and also provides help to find a new home when families are ready to move on and settle into a new community.

Women’s Lives Leeds (WLL)

Women’s Lives Leeds (WLL) is a Big Lottery Women and Girls Initiative Funded 4-year Project that delivers frontline services and was launched in November 2016.
The Project provides opportunities for women and girls to lead safer and healthier lives.

WLL aims to improve the access to services and support that women and girls want, aims to support women and young women who have complex needs and aims to empower women and girls to support their peers and influence service delivery, design and development.

LWA is the lead partner of the Project that was created by a unique consortium of eleven women’s organisations who aim to put women truly at the centre of the services they receive and combining together to form a powerful force for women and girls in Leeds

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